More than six centuries ago a group of merchants came together to promote their trade in woollen cloth in the City of Exeter. As their guild and fellowship grew, they made philanthropy part of the plan.
Today our charitable work falls into two categories, preserving the history and fabric of our city and looking to the future through young people in Devon. 

Our two charities

Weavers, Fullers and Shearmen Charity

Works with young people aged between 16 & 25 focusing on training and skills for employment. 

Tuckers Hall Charity

This maintains the fabric of the building, artifacts and chattles for future generations.


From earliest times, help was given from Company’s funds to members in distressed circumstances.
Numerous charitable endowments are recorded from 1642 onwards, mostly directed to assisting impoverished persons connected with our trades and some for members in particular localities since the Guild in Exeter was a focal point for the woolen cloth trades in the Westcounty.
Most of the charities suffered investment losses over the years resulting in an all-embracing scheme being approved by the Charity Commissioners in 1881.

Our most important endowment is embodied in the Jeffrey Charity as displayed on the Boards in the Hall. The terms of this, including donations to the poor in Stokenham and Ottery St Mary, are maintained to this day, also in the Crispin Charity, which was directed to helping youngsters to a trade. These are still obligatory and operative and the Municipal Charities are used as an agent for the aid of young trainees.

Whilst not strictly a charity, we still make an annual payment to the Bideford Bridge Trust. In 1573 Bideford Bridge was rebuilt and sometime then we contracted to pay 10 shillings per annum towards the maintenance of the bridge, which was used by our members importing wool from Ireland and exporting our products abroad. From 1614 we have records of this annual payment, now 50p, which continues today and from time to time we exercise our right to drive sheep across the bridge confered by the annual payment.

There are significant numbers of young disadvantaged people in the area who have often been brought up in care and are not able to get the help needed to support them into training and the workplace. 


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