The Incorporation is a living guild of prominent business people in Devon.

Read more ...The Incorporation comprises a Livery which at the present time consists of approximately 50 members. Because of the size of the Hall it is unlikely that the membership will exceed this number. Of these Liverymen a number are appointed to the Court of Assistants to manage the affairs of the Incorporation.

Membership is by invitation to people who are prominent in the business and commercial life of Exeter and the Devon area and in control of, or heading, a commercial enterprise or organisation, which is being conducted to the highest possible standard.

Membership of the incorporation represents both a privilege and a responsibility. Although membership confers few tangible benefits, it signifies an unbroken continuity between past and present, which differentiates this historic Incorporation from a professional association or social club.

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The requirement to be engaged in the cloth trade ceased in 1858 when members from other trades were admitted in order to keep the Incorporation alive.

Recently, in 2006, this changed again so that leaders or owners of non-trade businesses and organisations are eligible to become members. This is in recognition of the changing character of the independent businesses in trade and commerce in Exeter. 

Familiar businesses names whose owners are or were members of the Incorporation could be seen around Exeter, Devon and beyond.

The Clerk today takes the role of chief executive and is responsible implementing the policy decisions of the Court of Assistants. The detailed work is done through the Executive committee who make recommendations for endorsement by the Court. Although The Master presides over the meetings of the Court and Executive, it is the Clerk who provides continuity and guidance thus ensuring the long term future of the Incorporation.

Read more ...The Beadle is responsible for the day to day running the Hall as directed by the Master and member responsible for the Hall. His duties include leading the Master and Wardens on Civic processions, opening the Hall to the public and for private functions, maintaining the security of the building, chattels and artefacts and for the general up keep of the premises. Again, it is the Beadle who helps to provide continuity for the Incorporation and in particular the smooth running of the Hall.

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